We use Vegware packaging

The menu box is thanks to a unique and gentle production process: 100% made from plants (bagasse). Completely compostable - biodegradable / degradable in nature. Designed for food and beverages from -20 ° C to +100 ° C. The sugar cane menu box is harmless and allergen-free. Not tested on animals. It is not made of materials of animal origin - suitable for vegans. Environmentally friendly - from renewable natural resources. It can be composted for biomass or thermally recycled.

It is "Food Safe" - certified for direct contact with food and beverages. Compostable according to "OK Compost by Vincotte" + "The Biodegradable Product Insitute (BPI)" with certificates EU - EN13432, USA - ASTMD 6400. It does not contain heavy metals that would pass into the soil - composted biomass is pure. Vegware is made from renewable resources - it does not burden nature. Guaranteed time of bio-decomposition in compost - up to 12 weeks.

Cup for sauces

The dip crucible is made of natural organic starch bioplastic PLA. Bioplast PLA is extracted mainly from corn and other plants with a high content of natural starches. It has the same features and certificates as the menu box. Guaranteed bio-decomposition time in compost up to 12 weeks.

Paper bag

This product is made of recycled cardboard - it is thus friendly to nature and the environment.

Only recycled cardboard is used for the production of ecological packaging from Vegware cardboard - these products are unique in their heat resistance, strength and very rapid biodegradation in the composting plant or soil. Decomposition time 3-6 months


This product is made from natural corn starch without additives or oil. Matater-Bi BIO material used for the production of compostable bio bags, bags and garbage bags is made from vegetable starches without any other chemical additives - it is fully compostable both in domestic composters and and industrial composting plants (certified according to "OK Compost HOME" also for domestic degradability). Recommendation: Once the bag has reached the end of its life, it can be stored on compost, in a composter or in a collection container for biowaste (brown bins). The bag is also composted with biological waste. Guaranteed time of bio-decomposition in compost - up to 12 weeks.